Soda, Beer, and Liquor Dispensers


Dispensing Systems

Maximize your beverage sales with the latest technology in dispensing systems. Kint beverage technicians are experienced, well trained, and certified by IBDEA and the Beer Dispense Institute. Their knowledge of this advanced equipment will help bar and restaurant owners pull the highest profits from their beverage program, pour after pour. Kint is also a Certified Installer for both Perlick and Micro Matic.  

Kint is an installer and distributor of Berg Liquor Control Systems. Berg is the leader in liquor control and has numerous options to help your bar control waste and provide proper pours that will keep your customers coming back for more.

We are proud to partner with Pour My Beer to offer self service beer, cocktail and wine systems, for your bar or performance venue. Pour My Beer offers a unique experience for the customer and allows them to pay by the ounce as they sample your offerings. This technology is also beneficial to the bar or venue owner as it helps control how much the patron drinks as the system has protections built in to prevent over serving. 

Gas Technology

It takes a scientific balance of temperature and gas pressure to deliver the perfect pour from the keg, through the lines, and to the glass. The result should be a cold, delicious beverage – topped with just the right amount of head. That pour may literally multiply your sales exponentially when done right. The right kind of maintenance, the right gas system, and the right attention to all the details.

We provide bulk CO2, automated cylinder manifolds, Nitrogen Generators, and cylinder gasses. Our Bulk CO2 and manifold systems are remotely monitored by Kint so that we see usage and trends and automatically schedule deliveries when you need them so you never run out. Our sales team will review your usage and needs and help you decide on the best system for your location.

You can trust your Kint technician to maintain that perfect pour through knowledge, experience, and unmatched customer focused support.

Oh, and it helps that we are the leading provider of beverage CO2 Systems in Central PA.

Join our Team

As Kint continues to grow, we are always looking for individuals to join our team. We have locations in Harrisburg PA and Aston PA looking for technicians, drivers, and office staff to meet the needs of our diverse group of customers.