Safety Training


Arm Your Team With Knowledge

Are you confident your employees would know what to do in the event of a fire? Do your employees even know where the closest fire extinguisher is? And if so, would they know how to use it properly without injuring themselves or others? Kint provides a complete training program to ensure your employees know exactly what to do in the event of a fire including using the proper equipment to extinguish a fire safely and quickly, eliminating property damage and injury.

Kint makes Fire Safety Training a smart and easy process. We’ll not only prepare your staff for a fire emergency, but also help you fill the legal requirements mandated by the state and local government.

Kint trainers are professional, thorough, and have many years of experience in the fire protection industry, so you can trust your people will be in good hands.

Our training techniques are fun and engaging for your staff, and designed for retention so your people don’t forget what they’ve learned.

Join our Team

As Kint continues to grow, we are always looking for individuals to join our team. We have locations in Harrisburg PA and Aston PA looking for technicians, drivers, and office staff to meet the needs of our diverse group of customers.