Solutions Overview

We’ve positioned our solutions in a way that makes them easy to understand, and even more easy to purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us, and ask how we can put our solutions to work for you.

Fresh, Cool and Safe

In the restaurant business, we know and understand how keeping fresh, cold beverages flowing directly effects profits. We also know that a safe, secure and fire-free environment directly effects, well, everything.

That’s why at KINT, we provide the products and services needed to control both of those important facets of your restaurant and bar business.



What Is Dobermatian?

Are you wondering what that weird looking half Doberman Pincer, half Dalmatian is doing here? We call him “Dobermatian”, and he is our symbol for Security and Protection. When you see the Kint Dobermatian, you’ll know you’re getting the complete Security and Protection package.

And remember, we also provide thorough safety training for your staff on all our fire protection products.


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